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Competition Rules

Find out all about the rules of the draw on Quinta dos Ingleses Instagram. We are offering three bottles of wine. It's easy to wine! You can have these tree delicious wine bottles in your house!

Grand Opening - Online Store

Thinking about the surreal moment we are experiencing, we have accelerate the grand opening of our online store in order to serve you with some more comfort, that the situation requires. So we will be waiting for your requests that will be satisfied with all the affection and promptness!

D'Gustar event organized by Emprodalbe

It is with great honor that we share some moments of our participation in the event D’Gustar organized by Empro Wines and drinks that took place in Espaço Multiusos de Albufeira on March 8th and 9th...

Saint Valentine

Why celebrate love in one day when we can celebrate it in two? Friday, February 14th, we celebrate the most romantic day of the year! And as the love cupid is in the air, we decided to extend this festive season to the 15th of February! ❤️ ...

Wine Tasting in Quinta dos Ingleses

This Monday, 13.01.2019, we had guests in Quinta dos Ingleses that came directly from China. With a table full of the best flavors of the Northern region, the conversation flowed in a natural and relaxed way despite the obstacles of different dialects ...

QWine Expo

Quinta dos Ingleses participated in the international wine fair Q-Wine Expo, China - Qingtian. The Bordado Loureiro wine made a difference by bringing a place in the Top 100 of the best wines…

Como se fabrica o queijo.

It all starts with milk. This comes directly from the milking parlor to the dairy sector where it is inspected and tested to ensure that it is pure and clean ...

Agro-Indústria – Conceito, o que é, e o seu significado.

The products that come from the ground and the sea, and their subsequent commercialization, form the agro-industry sector. This sector is based on transforming products from any agricultural, forestry or livestock activity. These processes can be either artisanal/handmade or industrial….

What will bring 2019 to the agro-industry in Portugal?

Nuno Pinto de Magalhães: Diretor de Comunicação e Relações Institucionais da Sociedade Central de Cervejas e Bebidas.
“Tudo leva a crer, apesar de alguns sinais de certa instabilidade a nível internacional, que o ano 2019 será positivo…