About Us

About Us

Quinta dos Ingleses is a agro industry that was born in 1982, the main focus of Quita dos Ingleses is agriculture, dairy sector, pastries and wineries. The highlands and predominantly agricultural hills have similarities to the landscapes of south east England. This lands welcomed English people that were encouraged by the historical alliance between Portugal and England and also by the mediterranean weather. The locals of Caíde de Rei - Lousada tell that Quinta dos Ingleses was born that way but the British family never bought the farm. In between the years Quinta dos Ingleses passed from owner to owner and expanded the space. Now a days the owner is Abílio Pimenta that continues to focus on its development. The lands of Quinta dos Ingleses are approximately 12 hectares ocupados por pastagens e vinha! 


Our Offer



The dairy sector produces cheese from the best pasteurized cow's milk. The result is a soft and flavory cheese!



We are located in the recognized area of the best Vinhos Verdes. We produce White wines, Red wines and Rose wine.


Olive Oil

Olive oil of superior category obtained directly from olives, solely by mechanical means. Origin Bragança.



The pastry sector is dedicated to the confection pf egg/orange pudding, jams and also marmalades.


The agriculture sector is mainly for growing corn and pasture to feed animals. The dairy sector is focused on cheese production with the best cow milk.

The cheese factory has the capacity to process about 20 000 liters per day. We produce two tips of cheese. One of them is "Quinta dos Ingleses" cheese. The texture of this cheese is very soft and it has a square format he also needs at least 3 weeks of cure. That way we make sure our cheese has the best flavors. The other type of cheese that we produce is a "Flamengo" cheese. This one is round and is made with the best cow milk. The industrial and manual techniques are present in the creation of both cheeses giving them a characteristic flavor.

Quinta dos Ingleses also produces smaller versions of this two cheeses. The weight of "Quinta dos Ingleses" cheese can be between 600g to 650g. The smaller "Flamengo" cheese can weight around 500g to 580g. This smaller versions are made the same way of the other cheeses so they maintain the best flavor, aroma and qualityWe produce manually around 30 tons of cheese and we also count with a cold room installation with a capacity to cure around 350 tons of cheese per year.

The pastry sector its dedicated to the confectionary of egg and orange puddings , fresh and marmalade always produced manually by our team.



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