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- Quinta dos Ingleses , a space of uneven ground where 10 000 m2 correspond to the multiple pavilions, that are inserted in duly selected locations, where are housed the installations dedicated to all internal production.

In them are localized the dairy, confectionery, wastewater treatment, biogas production (currently not active), administrative and comercial services sectores. We also have our little store that is open to the public. Visit us any time!


Quinta dos Ingleses has approximately 100 hectares, of which 80 are uses for pastures and vineyardsthe remaining 20 hectares are forest. The agricultural sector (corn) is mainly destined for the animals.


The process of cheese-making is artisanal, produced with the best cow's milk .
The curing time takes between 12 to 20 days and we use 9L to 10L of milk for each cheese. This gives flavor and an appealing smell and also a buttery texture.


Located in a region renowned for green wines, Quinta dos Ingleses also contributes for that success.
A Quinta dos Ingleses provides wine with unique features in a list of wine for the diferente times of consumption.


The jams and marmalade are handmade , created with the best selected fruits of the season that insure the best quality of the products. The egg and orange puddings are produced in the kitchens of Quinta dos Ingleses by our chef.

Olive Oil

We obtain our olive oil by cold pressure and we select the best quality olives to produce it.
It is distinguished by its fragrant aroma, delicate fresh fruit flavor and low acidity (0.2).


- Quinta dos Ingleses has, at you disposition, several gourmet baskets with the most diverse products that we produce. Now you can make your order online. We will chip the products to you in a specialized shipping company. Contact us any time, we are always at your disposal!

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