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Quinta dos Ingleses is a space of irregular relief where, inserted in duly selected places, 10 000 m2 correspond to multiple pavilions and installations, this specific areas are for internal production.

They locate the dairy sector, the pastry sector, our wine-house, the administrative and comercial services, and also our store.


Quinta dos Ingleses has approximately 100 hectares, of which 80 are uses for pastures and vineyardsthe remaining 20 hectares are forest.

The agricultural sector consistes in corn fields and animal pasture.


We combining manual processes with technology to create our cheese with the best and fresh pasteurized cow's milk.

Our cheese needs at least 12 to 20 days of cure in the cold-room. And did you know that we use 9L of milk to make just one cheese? This gives the best flavor and aroma to our cheeses and also a softer texture.


We are located in the best area to grow grapes for Green Wine. So we take advantage of it to produce wine.

Quinta dos Ingleses provides wines with unique characteristics, and has a wine list that can be consume in any time of the year.


The jams and marmalades are handmade with a careful selection of the fruit to ensure the best quality for the products. The egg and orange pudding are produced manually in the kitchens of Quinta dos Ingleses by our confectioner.

Olive Oil

We obtain our olive oil by cold pressure and we select the best quality olives to produce it.
It is distinguished by its fragrant aroma, delicate fresh fruit flavor and low acidity (0.2).


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