Gourmet Basket


Package : Cardboard box with a pink bow;
Color : Castanha;
Inside : 1 Q.I. Cured Cheese, 1 Strawberry Jam 230gr., 1 boatel of Honey 500 gr., 1 Shopping Bag, 1 bootle of Bordado White wine;
Conservation : Any food product has to be in a fresh and dry space, without any direct sun light;

Product Description

- Quinta dos Ingleses tem sugestões saborosas e originais para surpreender até os mais céticos.

This one is filled with homemade products of Quinta dos Ingleses. The queijo curado Q.I. has a buttery and soft texture on your mouth. It goes well as a snack and even accompanied by a good glass of wine. It also has a delicious jam created in the kitchens of Quinta dos Ingleses, with seasonal fruit. And it couldn't miss the bootle of this fresh and light wine Bordado - Padeiro de Basto White Wine Finally we have really cute Shopping Bag made by Têxtil de Serzedelo , its awesome for transporting your purchases from the supermarket without having to buy another bag! You can use it whenever you want and how many times you want!

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